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Guaranteed Trade-In On Any Old Brand Compressor - Even if it’s Broken!

Trade-In Your Old Compressor with Airpower

The Airpower group of companies is offering a guaranteed trade-in on any brand old compressor, even if it is broken, on the purchase of a new compressor!

Take the hassle out of moving or trying to sell your old unit - we will remove the old unit for you when installing the new one.

Our offer is valid for up to 300 km from Cape Town, with other areas negotiable.

PA550 Electric Air Compressor

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    Our team of experts will gladly assist with your trade-in - every step of the way!

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    Professional Installation and Removal

    With our hassle-free service, our skilled team will install your new compressor and take away your old one, ensuring a seamless transition.

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    Our guaranteed trade-in policy ensures that you won't have to spend time and effort trying to sell your old compressor. Save money by trading in your old unit and make way for a new, efficient compressor.
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    Our hassle-free removal and installation service means you won't have to worry about dealing with the relocation of your old compressor, freeing up your time to focus on more important tasks.
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    Better Performance

    Upgrading your old compressor to a new, efficient model will improve the overall performance of your system, leading to lower energy consumption, improved air quality, and reduced maintenance requirements.

    Start the process to purchase your new compressor today!

    We will buy your old Airpower brand compressor. Send us a few photos of your old compressor and all the details of the old unit. Complete the enquiry form below to get started.

    Our Brands

    Airpower will source filters, separators and repair kits for the following compressor:


    Eugene G Trent Compressor, Port Elizabeth

    “The service we receive from Airpower is always efficient and friendly. Airpower goes out of their way to assist and go the extra mile. The products are top quality and we always appreciate the personal touch that Willem provides.” Altyd n plesier om met jou te deel Willem, baie dankie. Ek waardeer veral die advise wat jy (met geduld ) gee.

    Greote en beste wense

    Nic Kruger Wheelquip, Cape Town

    WHEELQUIP have been a client of AIRPOWER since 1988 and we hold the company in high regard with relation to their excellent work ethics and honest business dealings. AIRPOWER is a company that operates with integrity and ingenuity. We are very proud to be associated with AIRPOWER.