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On this page, Airpower would like to assist you by providing some handy calculators. Please note that you are making use of these calculators out of free will and that Airpower cannot be held responsible for any action resulting from the use of these calculators.

Customer Tools

In order for air to flow, there must be a pressure differential or Pressure drop. With this calculator it is possible to determine the pressure drop in any air line. The air line should be broken up into sections of the same pipe diameter. The pressure at the end of one section will become the start pressure of the next section.

Always calculate the worst case scenario i.e. assume the compressor to be at the furthest point from the end at which the pressure drop is to be calculated. For Ring Main Systems; divide the flow by 2.
Air compressors work within certain parameters. For the purpose of the Output calculator, we will assume a working pressure of between 6 bar and 13 bar.

With this Output Calculator you will be able to determine whether or not your compressor is delivering the output for which it is designed. The units for pressure and time used in the calculation will be "bar" and "seconds" respectively.

To Measure the Compressor Output
Before commencing the test, ensure that all the compressor outlets are closed and that the receiver is drained of all water. Make sure that the receiver capacity is correct according to the manufacturer specification and that the pressure gauge is accurate.

Start the compressor and the stop watch simultaneously and stop the stop watch exactly on the pressure to be used in the calculator. Enter the results (time and pressure) into the Calculator.

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