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Vacuum Pumps

Airpower manufactures a wide range of Piston and Screw Type Vacuum Pumps. These Electric Vacuum Pumps are mainly for hospital and other medical use, but can also be used in certain industrial applications.

Our Range of Electric Vacuum Pumps

USAir 20 V


20 hp electric driven VSD vacuum pump

Screw type



3 hp electric driven vacuum pump.

Available in single or three phase.

270 litre vacuum receiver.

APV3/244/500 Twin


Belt drive 2.2 kW (3hp.) heavy industrial quality Vacuum pumps x2 on 500 liter air receiver tank



3 hp vacuum pump

Single or three phase unit

Mount on a base plate and rubber mountings

Low oil level switch optional, but only if ordered with control box

APV3/V244BP Dual


Two x 3 hp electric driven vacuum pumps.

Available in single or three phase.

Vacuum lead lag control box complete with alarms and automatic switch over.

Low oil level protection built in.



7.5 hp electric driven vacuum pump.

Three phase unit

Mount on a base plate and rubber mountings

Low oil level switch optional, but only if ordered with control box

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Electric Vacuum Pumps

Electric Vacuum Pumps for air compressors are more efficient than oil piston pumps for air compressors. Today's electric vacuum pumps are easy to use and maintain and can be ordered to fit the size compressor that you want. When using an electric vacuum pump along with a suitable silencer and check valve it can be used in locations where the typical high noise level of a regular air compressor will not allow the use of such equipment for many applications.

An Electric Vacuum Pump is a vacuum pump that employs an electric motor as the prime mover of the pump mechanism. It gives good performance characteristics over a wide range of speeds and the heat produced is smooth, continuous, and stable. The advantages include high volumetric efficiency; low maintenance; large working time (uses about 40% less power than desiccant dryer); little or no noise; flexible operation, and more.

An electric vacuum pump works by creating a vacuum inside the pump and exhausting this outside. The typical two types of pumps found on air compressors are vane and screw pumps.

Aipower Dryers

Refrigerated Dryers

Refrigerated air dryers from 750 liters/min up to 6500 liter/min ex-stock. Larger ex overseas. Dew point 4°C under pressure. Automatic drain pre and manual drain after filters.

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Screw Compressor

Screw Compressors

Screw compressors have no valves or other mechanical forces to cause imbalances unlike piston compressors.

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Compressor Components

Airpower keeps universal spare parts for compressors. Pressure switches, non return valves and safety valves are universal to all compressors. Bottom entry filters/ regulators, electric motors and starters can be used for many makes of compressors.

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