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Type 30
Air Compressor Blocks

Airpower's selection of Type 30 Air Compressor Blocks are all made with solid cast iron for the wear and tear parts and aluminum parts. Our Type 30 range is reliable and recommended for heavy-duty industrial applications

Our Range of Type 30 Air Compressor Blocks

TYPE 30 253


Flywheel: 406mm X 3SPA

Motor needed: 5.5kW – 7.5 kW

Displacement at 610 rpm with 7.5 kW motor: 690 liter/min.

Free air delivery at 610 rpm: 518 liter/min

TYPE 30 2340


Flywheel: 349mm X 1SPA

Motor needed: 2.2kW (3 hp.)

Displacement at 965 rpm with 2.2 kW motor: 307 liter/min.

Free air delivery at 965 rpm: 233 liter/min

TYPE 30 2475


Flywheel: 349mm X 1SPA

Motor needed: 4kW – 5.5 kW

Displacement at 965 rpm 4 kW motor: 546 liter/min.

Free air delivery at 965 rpm: 443 liter/min

TYPE 30 2545


Flywheel: 457mm X 2SPA

Motor needed: 7.5 kW (10hp)

Displacement at 950 rpm 7.5 kW motor: 1070 liter/min.

Free air delivery at 950 rpm: 896 liter/min

TYPE 30 3000


Flywheel: 540mm X 2SPC

Motor needed: 15 kW-22kW

Displacement at 720 rpm 15 kW motor: 2238 liter/min.

Free air delivery at 720 rpm: 1860 liter/min

TYPE 30 7100


Flywheel: 457mm X 2SPB

Motor needed: 11 kW (15hp)

Displacement at 1000 rpm 11 kW motor: 1620 liter/min.

Free air delivery at 1000 rpm: 1284 liter/min



Flywheel: 406mm X 2SPA

Motor needed: 5.5kW - 7.5kW

Displacement at 660 rpm with 5.5 kW motor: 744 liter/min

Free air delivery at 660 rpm 510 liter/min

TYPE 30 10T3NL


Flywheel: 495mm X 4SPB

Motor needed: 11kW - 15kW

Displacement at 700 rpm with 11 kW motor: 1584 liter/min

Free air delivery at 700 rpm: 1140 liter/min

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Type 30 Compressors - Full Specifications

What is an Air Compressor Block?

Also called a reciprocating compressor block or bare piston compressor block, a compressor block is the part doing the compression of the air.

A piston moving in a reciprocating motion within the cylinder compresses the gas. It is driven by an electric motor or another form of rotation.

The pistons are moving up and down and compress the air from atmospheric pressure up to full tank pressure. As the volume decreases the pressure increases.

The gas is then pushed out of the cylinder to the next stage of compression or to the discharge connection.

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