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Wika Mechanical Vacuum Switch

Wika vacuum switch APc

-1 to 0 bar range and 0.09 to 0.4 bar differential vacuum settings.

10Amp switching signal 230 Volt maximum.

Normally open and normally closed contacts.

Airpower stocks a wide range of Vacuum Switches made for use in industrial and commercial applications. We have Brands such as Wika, Camozzi, and more.

What is a Vacuum Switch?

A vacuum switch is an electronic or mechanical device that provides an electrical switching contact function at a defined vacuum gas pressure level. It’s used in many vacuum applications for pressure control purposes and safety interlock functionality.

Vacuum switches are an essential component for many monitoring and control applications in hydraulic, pneumatic and processing industries. Performing in critical processes, these switches sense a change in the vacuum and open or close an electrical circuit when the chosen setpoint is reached.

What are Vacuum Switches used for?

A Vacuum Pressure Switch operates by comparing the relative pressure between your process pressure and a vacuum.

The benefit of this technology is the ability to measure pressure below your local atmospheric pressure. To accomplish this, a vacuum switch has a sealed reference chamber, as well as a diaphragm and a Belleville spring to actuate when your pressure setpoints are reached.

Aipower Dryers

Refrigerated Dryers

Refrigerated air dryers from 750 liters/min up to 17000 liter/min ex-stock. Larger ex overseas. Dew point 4°C under pressure. Automatic drain pre and manual drain after filters.

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Screw Compressor

Screw Compressors

Screw compressors have no valves or other mechanical forces to cause imbalances unlike piston compressors.

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Compressor Components

Airpower keeps universal spare parts for compressors. Pressure switches, non return valves and safety valves are universal to all compressors. Bottom entry filters/ regulators, electric motors and starters can be used for many makes of compressors.

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