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Airpower stock the standard 25 micron filters, Coalescing filters and activated carbon filters. Oil carry over 0.01 mg / m³. We also manufacture replacement elements for opposition filters.

Water is not compressible and when water gets into pneumatic valves and cylinders, it cannot give way and damage the pneumatic equipment. An ordinary water trap can only catch the droplets of water, when the air and droplets pass through the filter. Any water condensing after the filter pass the filter as compressed air and not as water. The filter also cannot create air, if it only gets a stream of water entering the filter. This stream of water will run straight through the filter.
Airpower stock the standard in line regulators as well as precision regulators.
Airpower stock in line lubricators for most applications.
Sintered metal filters, 25 micron, from ¼” BSP up to 1” BSP Coalescing filters , 0.1micron and 0.01 micron. Donaldson, Omega and Camozzi ex stock. Activated carbon filters , 0.001micron. Donaldson, Omega and Camozzi ex stock.
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