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Pneumatic push in fittings, 4/2;6/4;8/6;10/8;12/10mm in straight, elbow, crosses and tee pieces. Normal and banjo type. Complete range available.

Reducing bushes, reducing nipples, nipples,sockets, reducing sockets, Tee pieces, Cross pieces, Y pieces and Elbows in ⅛”, ¼”, ⅜”; ½”; ¾” and 1” available.
Airpower keeps the 15mm, 22mm, 28mm compression fitting range for plumbing as well as for compressed air use.

What Are Air Compressor Fittings?

Compressor fittings are components that ensure a constant flow of air and pressure throughout an air compressor. Each fitting serves a distinct purpose, but they all play an important role in maintaining your machine's health and function.


Air compressor couplers are used to connect individual customers to the compressor. These couplers are typically attached and detached by hand and screw easily onto a threaded, female quick connect port on the machine.

Couplers facilitate the connection of an air tank or air compressor to the airlines. When the air hose is disconnected, the coupler closes to prevent air from escaping.


The plug is attached to the male quick connect on the machine. The male quick connects fitting gives you the capability to quickly change hoses without tools, saving time and money by reducing downtime.


A tee connects two hoses or customers to the same airline. This offers you greater flexibility in your application because it allows for more than one customer to run at a time, which can increase productivity.


The connector is a metal or plastic fitting that attaches to the airline and allows you to change the air hose. The connector fits over the end of the airline and is secured with a set screw.


An elbow connects two hoses at a right angle. This allows you to direct the airflow in a specific direction, which can be helpful when trying to avoid obstacles or keep the machine away from combustible materials.

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