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Services Offered By Airpower In Cape Town

Design And Manufacture:

Airpower assembles most of our air compressors, rotary screw compressors, and vacuum pumps in our factory in Bellville (Cape Town, South Africa) and can custom-build units to customer specifications. We design and build special control boards for multi-compressor and vacuum units working in the same system. We also design and build pneumatic operated production machines and road marking machines. Lastly, Airpower designs and installs humidity and atmospheric control systems for ripening, cold rooms, and wine cellars.

Some other design and manufacture functions we perform:

  • Design, manufacture, and assembly of various air compressors and vacuum pumps;
  • Design pipe diameters, layout, and installation of airline systems.
  • Design the filters and dryers for the cleaning and drying of compressed air.

Certifying Services:

Below important certifying services performed by Airpower:

  • Pressure testing of air receivers and certifying of airline systems.
  • Set, seal and certifying of safety valves.
  • Repair and maintenance of all of the above.

Air line Installations:

Colour coding of air lines in a factory are very important in order to know what air lines are used for what purpose.
Airpower provides Air Line Installations & services for all businesses. Get in touch with our experts and we'll help you where needed.
If you paint airlines, make sure it is the correct colour.

Remember that no paint is better than the wrong colour. Please use this chart when determining which air lines need to be serviced or repaired. This chart will also help your air line management & operation.

Air Line Chart

Design Tools:

Airpower uses commercial design tools and calculators for:

  • Pressure Drop
  • Dew Point
  • Compressor Output


Airpower sells both piston- and screw-type air compressors and vacuum pumps in electric as well as diesel and petrol driven units, bare compressor and vacuum pump blocks, spare parts for most brand names, electric motors, air and vacuum receivers, air dryers and filters/ regulators and lubricators.

We also stock and sell Ultrafilters, gauges, compressed air hoses, and fittings, spray and cleaning guns, tire inflators, spray paint systems, pressure and vacuum switches, safety and non-return valves, plated brass fittings, ball cocks, and manifolds, compression copper pipe fittings, Weldon copper fittings, pneumatic pruning shears, and Camozzi pneumatic components.

Airpower sells mineral compressor oil as well as CPI synthetic compressor oils. These oils are equivalent to the original equipment suppliers, OEM, oils for Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, CompAir, Gardener Denver, Fini, Mattei, Hydrovane, Ceccato, Fusheng, and Quincy compressors.

Air Compressors for sale Cape Town


Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Pumps



Air Dryers

Air Dryers

Compressor Parts

Compressor Parts


Reconditioning of Air Compressors:

Airpower maintains and repairs most types and makes of compressors, vacuum pumps, pneumatic systems, pneumatic machines, humidity control systems, compressed air dryers, and filtration systems. For any queries, you might have, feel free to call us during office hours or send us an email to info@airpower.co.za.

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