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Air Compressor Gauges

Airpower stocks ⅛”; ¼”; ½” Rear entry and bottom entry gauges, various sizes and ranges in plastic, steel as well as stainless steel casings available in dry as well as oil filled.

Our Range of Air Compressor Gauges

Airpower Gauges

Rear Entry Gauges

SS steel casing bottom entry gauge

Bottom Entry Gauges

Airpower gauges

Vacuum Gauges


Glycerine Filled Gauges

Types of Air Compressor Pressure Gauges

If the pressure is stable and very few vibrations on the gauge, you can use a dry gauge, but if the pressure fluctuates or the gauge vibrates, you should use glycerine or oil-filled gauges. A steel or stainless steel case gauge is better than a plastic case gauge, but also more expensive.

How to Read a Pressure Gauge

Most pressure gauges work on a Bourdon Tube principle. This is an oval hollow tube bend just short of a full circle. When pressure is put inside this tube, the tube tries to straighten itself. While moving it pulls a needle and the needle shows the reading of the pressure or the vacuum. When you select a pressure gauge, the diameter of the gauge will be determined by the distance from where you want to take a reading, but the most important is your normal working pressure.

Airpower always tries to have the normal working pressure, as close as possible to the middle of the scale. The gauge is the most accurate in the middle and the gauge will indicate if the pressure is too low or too high. Pressure gauges measure the difference between the pressure in the line and the atmospheric pressure. This is why it is called gauge pressure. If you want the absolute pressure, you must add the atmospheric pressure to the gauge pressure reading. Gauges are instruments and if not handled with care, you will not get an accurate reading.

Selecting the Right Air Compressor Gauge

You can select the dial size, thread size, and position of the inlet, you like, but when it comes to the pressure range, you try to select a gauge where your working pressure is as close as possible to the middle of the gauge range. The reason is, the gauge must indicate when the pressure is too low or too high. You can only see this if the normal working pressure is in the middle of the scale.

Other than Gauges, Airpower stocks a variety of Air Compressor Spare Parts including Vertical Air Receivers, Particle filters/water traps, Regulators, Lubricators, and Carbon filters.

Aipower Dryers

Refrigerated Dryers

Refrigerated air dryers from 750 liters/min up to 17000 liter/min ex-stock. Larger ex overseas. Dew point 4°C under pressure. Automatic drain pre and manual drain after filters.

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Screw Compressor

Screw Compressors

Screw compressors have no valves or other mechanical forces to cause imbalances unlike piston compressors.

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Compressor Components

Airpower keeps universal spare parts for compressors. Pressure switches, non return valves and safety valves are universal to all compressors. Bottom entry filters/ regulators, electric motors and starters can be used for many makes of compressors.

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