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PA490A Air Compressor

air compressor

Belt drive 2.2 kW (3hp.) light industrial quality electric air compressor on 100 liter air receiver tank:


Input power: 230 Volt Single phase, 50 Hz, 2.2 kW, 3 hp.

Protection: Thermal overload protection on motor

Tank sizes:     100 liter air receiver. HAZ. CAT. 111

Maximum pressure: 8 bar, 116 psi.

Air displacement: 360 liter/min

Free air delivery: 300 liter/min (Useable air volume) Less 1% per 100 m above sea level.

Revolutions per min: 1570 rpm

Tank certification: CE standards, comply with SANS 347. Legal for South Africa.

Weight: 58 kg

Noise level: 79 dBA

Cylinders/ pistons: 2

Dimensions: L 1050mm x W 450mm x H 760 mm


Airpower recommend these units for light industrial work. Running hours of approximately 4 hours per day.

What is Dew-point?

The Dew-point of air is the point where the moisture starts to form drops of water. When the air in the sky is reaching the dew-point, it is starting to rain. The higher the pressure, the less water the air can carry. The colder the air, the less water it can carry. This is why the dew-point drops when the pressure increase and or the temperature decrease.

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