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TYPE 30 15V - Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pump base plate 15V


Flywheel: 500mm X 2SPC

Motor needed: 7.5kW  (10 hp.)

Free air delivery at 800 rpm with 7.5 kW motor: 1843 liter/min @ 40% Vacuum.

Free air delivery at 800 rpm with 7.5 kW motor: 26 liter/min @ 96% Vacuum.

Vacuum Hg: 29.2”

Number of pistons: 2

Stages: 1

What is a Piston Vacuum Pump Block?

Also called a reciprocating vacuum pump block or bare piston vacuum pump block: A vacuum pump block is a part doing the evacuation of air from a vessel or an enclosed volume. A piston moving in a reciprocating motion within the cylinder evacuates the gas. It is driven by an electric motor or another form of rotation. The pistons are moving up and down and air flows from the volume to be evacuated, into the cylinder, and the piston discharges it to the atmosphere.

Exploded view and specifications of Type 30 15V Vacuum Pumps.

15V 1
15V 2
15V 3
15V 4

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