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Paint Pressure Pots

The hand held spray gun can hold about one litre of paint. This is a kilogram weight on the spray painters hand. The gun must also be refilled every few minutes. With every refill, you slow the job down and you stand a chance of a slight colour difference. By the time you refilled the gun, the previous paint has dried and the new paint forms marks and increases the polishing work. With the Airpower paint pressure pot, you can spray continuous until the 10 litre or 24 litre pot is empty. Without any delay.

Benefits of Paint Pressure Pots

A high volume of paint flow is one of the advantages of a paint pressure pot. Using a spray gun without a pressure pot wastes a lot of valuable paint by using too much thinner and making your job more difficult.

With the Airpower Paint Pressure Pot, you can spray continuously until the 10 or 24-liter pot is empty. On many occasions, you can even go longer than that as it holds between 5 to 10 times more (depending on viscosity).

Another important benefit is that there is no line loss like an airbrush has which ensures that you use all your media economically and with care for the environment. This way we offer environmentally friendly products by saving resources and ensuring safety in our workshop environments.

Also, the quality of the spray remains excellent throughout, which ensures high levels of productivity and economy. This device works via compressed air – so you will need an air compressor to use it – and no electrical equipment is required.

Aipower Dryers

Refrigerated Dryers

Refrigerated air dryers from 750 liters/min up to 6500 liter/min ex-stock. Larger ex overseas. Dew point 4°C under pressure. Automatic drain pre and manual drain after filters.

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Screw Compressor

Screw Compressors

Screw compressors have no valves or other mechanical forces to cause imbalances unlike piston compressors.

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Compressor Components

Airpower keeps universal spare parts for compressors. Pressure switches, non return valves and safety valves are universal to all compressors. Bottom entry filters/ regulators, electric motors and starters can be used for many makes of compressors.

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