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Pruning Equipment

Kuker pneumatic shears and Kuker manual shears and other pruning equipment.

Why use Pneumatic Pruning Shears?

When a person has to manually cut many branches all day long, your cutting hand is getting very tired. Your productivity is dropping, the longer you have to cut. With a pneumatic shear, you only have to press a button, and the compressed air is doing the hard labor part. Depends on the hardness of the product you are cutting, your productivity increase between 3 and 10 fold. Pneumatic shears are being used in Vineyards, Orchards, chicken abattoirs, and many other applications in factories or on farms. Pneumatic shears give a much cleaner cut than a manual shear and fewer chances for diseases in the plants.

Pneumatic shears

Pneumatic pruning shear

Hand shears and accessories

Airpower Pruning equipment
Airpower Pruning equipment
Pruning equipment

Other Types of Air compressor Pneumatic Components

There are many types & uses for pneumatic components used with air compressors. They can range from anything from a simple regulator to a quick-release coupling. Air compressor components can be used for anything from powering small tools such as nail guns, all the way to large industrial applications loaded with tons of pressure and power usage.

Pneumatic systems use pressurized gas which then converts into kinetic energy once it leaves the main cylinder storage tank, which can be released through rhythmic motion on some air compressor models in order to perform their duties. The more powerful systems will have multiple cylinders able to store greater volumes of compressed air at different pressures.

Aipower Dryers

Refrigerated Dryers

Refrigerated air dryers from 750 liters/min up to 17000 liter/min ex-stock. Larger ex overseas. Dew point 4°C under pressure. Automatic drain pre and manual drain after filters.

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Screw Compressor

Screw Compressors

Screw compressors have no valves or other mechanical forces to cause imbalances unlike piston compressors.

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Compressor Components

Airpower keeps universal spare parts for compressors. Pressure switches, non return valves and safety valves are universal to all compressors. Bottom entry filters/ regulators, electric motors and starters can be used for many makes of compressors.

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