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To improve the technical standard of the compressor industry in Southern Africa. This will be achieved by sharing the knowledge and experience gained over many years in the industry, with any interested parties.

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Electric Driven Compressors (Complete) Electric compressors
  Direct Drive: The FINI FLASH is a 12V direct drive compressor which is very popular amongst the 4X4 fraternity. Suitable for inflating tyres from 0-200KPa in just on 60 seconds.

The Koala direct drive mini compressor in 12/24VDC versions for inflating tyres from 0-200 kPa in 120 seconds.
  Belt Driven: Single Phase Range from 1.1kW to 2.2kW electric motors and up to 150 litres reservoir capacity at 8-10 bar.
  3 PHASE: Range from 2.2kW to 15kW electric motors. Reservoir capacities from 100 to 500 litres. All AP 3 Phase units, up and including 7.5 kW are supplied with Direct Online Starters included in the price. Larger units (11 and 15kW) are supplied with Star/Delta starters included in the price (Connection excluded).
  Pruning Compressor: These are self contained units i.e. compressor with reservoir, regulator, gauge and quick couplers. The compressor is driven by a propeller shaft connected to the Tractor PTO and is carried by the Tractor 3-Point linkage.
Petrol / Diesel Driven Compressors Petrol Compressor
  Petrol/Diesel Driven Compressors: Compressors driven by 9HP Petrol engines or 7HP Diesel engine(Special designs) are available on request. These are used extensively in the tyre industry as well as by emergency services.
Screw Compressors
  Screw Compressors: From 7.5 HP up to 75 HP are stocked. Generally better suited where continuous air supply is required. Larger unit, up 500 kW can be imported on special request.
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Vacuum pumps:
  Vacuum pumps: Airpower build piston as well as screw type vacuum pumps to your requirements. Our main market is hospitals and dental practices.
Compressor Blocks Bare blocks
  Compressor Blocks: Ranging from 200l/min to 2200 l/min. They are of industrial standards and have cast iron cylinder heads for heavy duty continuous operation. Medium Duty ABAC units also available.
Electric Motors
  Electric Motors: From 1.1kW single phase to 3kW 3 phase
Air Receivers
  Air Receivers: Imported CE Standard and locally manufactured receivers are stocked. The local receivers are to a heavy duty standard being manufactured from 6mm plate and conform to Airpowers design parameters.
Air Hose and Spiral Tubing Rubber hoses
  Air Hose and Spiral Tubing: Airpower is an Authorised GOODYEAR hose distributor. GOODYEAR Pliovic rubber hose in sizes from 6mm to 12 mm ID is stocked as well as GOODYEAR Odyssey Hose from 8mm to 25 mm ID. We stock Suzy coils in 6, 8, 10 and 12mm ID and up to 20 metre stretched length.
PVC and Nylon Hose Suzy Spiral hose
  PVC and Nylon Hose: Clear reinforced nylon hose 6mm to 20 mm ID. Nylon tubing to DIN 73379 available from 4mm to 14mm ID.
Pressure Gauges Pressure gauges
  Pressure Gauges: Gauges available in Plastic, steel and stainless steel. Bottom entry and Rear entry available from 1/8” to ½ “BSP. Glycerine filled gauges are available in some sizes.
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Spray Guns Spray guns
  Spray Guns: Airpower has a wide range of suction and gravity feed AIR GUNZA (A Division of IWATA) spray guns. These guns can be fitted with nozzle sizes ranging from 0.8 to 3.0mm, to suit almost any application. 10 litre and 24 litre pressure pots with agitators. Supplied with or without spray guns to suit most applications. 10 litre light duty pots are also available.
  Air Guns: Air blow guns, standard and long neck available. Paraffin spray guns, Standard and wide mouth. Tyre inflators available with gauge and in single or double chuck versions.
Air Accessories and Compressor Parts Compressor components
  Air Accessories and Compressor Parts: Accessories for compressors i.e. Idle Running Governor, Drain Cocks, Air intake filters, Non-Return Valves and Ball Type Air cocks. A large range of compressor spares i.e. Pistons, Piston Rings, Gaskets, Seals, valves and Pressure Switches are kept in stock to service our range of compressors.
  Quick Couplers and Fittings: Quick Couplers and a variety of Quick Coupler Nipples for connection to airlines. Large selection of fittings and adaptors for connection to air lines.
  Filters, Regulators and Lubricators: Two ranges of FRL are available, Ghiotto and Camozzi. They are available in port sizes from 1/8” to 1”. Precision regulators also available.
  Plated Brass Fittings/Pipe Installations: Airpower is well known for their quality workmanship when it comes to Pipe installation. We have a large variety of nickel plated brass fittings i.e. nipples, reducing nipples and bushes, connectors, tee pieces and elbows available in sizes from 1/8” to 1”.
  Pneumatic Pruning Shears: Airpower imports Kuker pruning shears. Spares and repair facilities are available for Kuker Shears.
  Refrigerant Dryers for Compressed Air: Airpower Stocks a range of Refrigerant Dryers from 650 l/min to 7000l/min.
  Totally enclosed Belt Guards: Imported Belt guards in sizes from 500x300 up to 1100x600. All Belt Guards are epoxy coated or galvanised for extra protection against corrosion.
  Universal Hose Clamps: Steel and Stainless Steel clamps in sizes ranging all popular sizes.
  Brass Compression Fittings: Brass Compression type fittings used in our air line installations for either Copper or Polycop Pipe. Straights, elbows and tee pieces from 15mm to 28mm.
  Ball valves: Plated brass ball valves as well as Stainless steel, lockable ball valves.
  Weldon brass fittings: Airpower keep elbows, bends, tees as well as straight fittings in 8,10,12,15 and 22 mm.
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Compressors for Hire 12 Volt Compressors for 4x4 use
  Compressors for Hire: Airpower has available for hire, electrical compressors ranging from 1.1kW to 55kW units as well as 4kW petrol units. We also have compressors available on a 60 month hire purchase scheme by special arrangement.
  All Airpower products are guaranteed. Our AP Compressor models carry an unlimited guarantee against faulty material and workmanship and a 12 month guarantee against normal wear and tear. Misuse and use outside of the normal operating specification will make this warranty null and void. Oil and Filters are not covered by this warranty.

Our PA range of compressors is covered for 12 Months against faulty materials and workmanship. Filters, Oil and Electrical parts are excluded from this warranty.

Our VEK Screw Compressor range is guaranteed for 3000 hours provided Airpower or an Airpower approved dealer has carried out the services as prescribed by the manufacturer.