Donaldson Ultrafilter

As supplied by Airpower

Filter with Econometer/ Economizer and pneumatic/ electronic drain resp. plug for application of different element types for the industrial processing of compressed air and gases.

Donaldson Ultrafilter

Product description: The filters Ultra-Filter DF are intended for the processing of compressed air or other gases in different areas of applications.

The intelligent overall concept of the filter unites the following characteristics:

  • high performance
  • effiency
  • compactness
  • easy of use
  • flexibility
  • safety

Validated performance data acc. to ISO 12500-1 for reliable achievement of compressed air quality suitable to the application acc. to ISO 8573-1.

Besides energy cost savings by the filter design, the use of the Economizer offers further saving achievements through timely replacement of the used filter elements. The most costeffective replacement time for the filter element is calculated and LEDs then signal that the "filter exchange" is neccessary.

With 9 sizes the Ultra-Filter covers the performance range from 35 to 1100 m³/h flow rate and hence conventional compressor capacities between 2 and 120 KW.

Three versions are available:

(type with float condensate drain and Econometer / with element A with plug, without Econometer).

(float condensate drain and Economizer / with element A with plug and Economizer).

(level-controlled condensate drain UFM-T and Economizer).

A selection of appropriate filter grades by filter element types S, M, V, B, P, A ensure that the right product for the filtration task is always available to the user.

The filter housing design allows an easy replacement of the filter element. The filter bowl is rotated slightly via a bayonet lock and can be removed together with the filter element. For this a installation height of only a few centimetres of ground clearence is neccessary.

Validated performance data acc. to ISO 12500-1Reliable achievement of compressed air quality acc. to ISO 8573-1EconometerMechanical differential pressure indicator
Intelligent overall conceptFlow range, filtration grades, effiencies and available options perfectly meet requirements of industrial air purificationEconomizerDifferential pressure indicator for the determination of the most economical time for replacement of the filter element; Possibility of remote data transmission
Flow-optimised filter housing and filter element designLow pressure losses, thereby saving of energy costsKA ½ / UFM-PFloat drain, pneumatically
Bayonet fixing between filter head and filter bowl; element can be removed together with filter bowl; filter head with integrated differential pressure indicator can be rotatedEasy to use construction - simplified filter replacement; simple installation and assemblyUFM-TElectronic level-controlled condensate drain without compressed air losses
Little installation height for the filter element exchange, differential pressure indicator integrated in filter headCompact, space-saving construction - installation within smallest space possibleUFZTime-controlled condensate drain
Changing the coding clip inside the filter cover allows the filter element to be rotated and thus change the flow directionHigh flexibility - filters can be either used as coalescense filters or particulate filtersSPlug
Filter cannot be opened under pressure due to bayonet lockHigh safety during operationWall bracketDistance to the wall gradelessly adjustable (except DF-0035)
Filter housings immersion-laquererd on the inside and outside surfaceEnsures long-term corrosion protection, in particulary against aggressive condensatesConnection adapterIntelligent adapter solution for filter combination