Our Vision

To improve the technical standard of the compressor industry in Southern Africa. This will be achieved by sharing the knowledge and experience gained over many years in the industry, with any interested parties.

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What We Do
Engineering Workers

Design and manufacture of Air Compressors.

Design of layout and installation of Air Line Systems.

Design and manufacture of pneumatically operated production machines.

Repair and maintenance of all of the above.

Calculators for Pressure Drop, Dew Point and Compressor Output.

Constantly updated Pricelist.

We at Airpower believe that all contact with Airpower should be a positive experience for our customers. All our business actions are conducted with total customer satisfaction in mind. The commitment to live up to your expectations and treat you, the customer, in the same way as we would like to be treated, starting from top management and works through the manufacturing team to our dealer network.

Some new product pages:

  • Air Dryers   • Camozzi
  • Donaldson Ultrafilter   • Shamal and others

Compressed Air Systems and Pneumatic Automation is used in most industries. Airpower together with its Dealer Network provides Service and advice to a wide variety of customers.

Some of the Industries serviced by Airpower include:

  • Mining both onshore and offshore   • Food processing
  • Oil exploration   • Electrical Distribution
  • Farming   • Water Reticulation
  • Manufacturing   • Municipal Services
  • Maintenance   • Building
  • Medical and Dental   • Many other industries
  • Transport i.e. Vehicular, Marine and Aviation

Airpower specializes in the fact that it is able to provide the complete system from inception to installation. We have all the qualifications to be able to assess the customer’s requirements and to design, install and commission the system to ensure customer satisfaction.

Airpower plans to continue marketing the best engineered product at a reasonable price. Airpower will NOT sacrifice quality for price and will continue to introduce new products in order to keep abreast with market trends.